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We offer the following services:

- Basic to Advanced Training on PC6/7/12, KODIAK, GLEX Classic & Vision, Phenom 100/300, G550/650 (Airplane and Simulator)

- Sea Plane Training and Setup on SEP Cessna C206), WACO on Floats, PC6 and KODIAK

- Worldwide EASA Landing Traning on PC6/7/12, KODIAK, Phenom 100/300, GLEX Classic & Vision and G550/650 (under an approved EASA ATO for Base Training)

- EASA FI/IRI/TRI /TRE preperation and advanced Training on Phenom 100/300, GLEX Classic & Vision and G550/650

- Ferry Flights and Flight Evaluation / MXX Flights (EASA TP II Pilot License) on PC6/7/12/24, KODIAK, Phenom 100/300, GLEX Classic & Vision and G550/650

- EASA Nominated Person & Accountable Manager Training (over 20 years expirience as NP OPS and TRNG)

- Loss of License and Fit to Fly Insurance via SwissALPA / ECA

- Swiss Independent Pilot Association (SIPA) covering a Worldwide Pilot Law Right Protection, Health Care and Worldwide Pilot Network 

- Aerobatic Training incl. Taildragger intro and advanced maneouvers / UPRT

- Special events with different Vintage Airplanes


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Good old times..

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..can sometimes get better.

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