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PC6 Bahamas FlaggeWelcome to g-unlimited

We provide a unique service and training experience in the professional Aviation industry like Business Jets or Seaplanes, but also in the historic aviation world. Whether you have an airplane to fly, test or ferry, want to setup a special SEA plane base, or need special training or experienced pilots, we have the solution and the right team. 


  • The PC6 is permanently stationed in Nassau / Bahamas
  •  New airplane KODIAK, C260 and WACO
  • g-unlimited is partnering with AVILU and AeronautX. 
  • We provide "Maintenance Check Flight (MCF) Course" with AVILU - please check out these PDF files here:
     pdfMCF Presentation letter.pdf and pdfTechnical Pilot Course Registration.pdf
  • We can new offer FAA and EASA CR on PC6, PC7, PC12, Phenom 300 and KODIAK, this on wheel or amphibian version. 
  • We can provide approved Technical Pilot and / or Testpilots II on all major BizJet airplanes. 
  • We are now a member of SETP.org - The Society of Experimental Test Pilots


  • Seaplane Training on SEP (C206), WACO on floats, KODIAK and PC-6 (both Amphibian Seaplanes) 
  • Training and flights on Historic Airplanes like the F13, WACO, T-6, Bucker Jungmann, BE18, Fiesler Storch and more
  • Supply of Pilots and Training for BD700 Classic or Vision, G450/550/650, Phenom 100/300 and Pilatus PC6/7/12/24. 
  • EASA and/or FAA Airplane and Simulator Training for all major endorsement and ratings incl. TRI and TRE supervision. 
  • Flight and Simulator Support for Reverse Engineering and Flight Testing / Research
  • Supply of Test Pilots (TP) for Airplane or Simulator Flight Testing and Research 
  • Maintenance Check Flights to comply with the new EASA law MFC
  • Supply of Type Rating Instructors (TRI), (Senior) Examiners (TRE) and Test Pilots (TP) for all major Business Jet Airplanes
  • Delivery and Ferry Flights

Through our global network of training, innovative methodologies, advanced technology simulation-based training tools and best Instructors/Examiners/TP, we deliver the highest quality of training to enhance safety and efficiency.

Cedric Gitchenko, CEO


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Good old times..

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..can sometimes get better.

g-unlimited GmbH | Cédric Gitchenko | Sonnhaldenstrasse 7 | CH-8143 Neftenbach | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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