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Kodiak 100 500pxWe are specialized in difficult areas like the Amazon to setup a new operation or simply to have fun flying seaplanes in the US, like Florida or the Lake of COMO in Italy.

We have 3 KODIAKs to Train with. 2 of them are Amphibian and 1 of them is with wheels. Its a prefect airplane for humanitarien flights, leisure flights to the Bahamas and as well MEDVAC. 2 of the KODIAKs are equiped with MEDVA equipement with the latest technologie. 2 of them wil be based in Santarem Brazil to help the the villages in the Amazon. One of the Kodiaks will stay and support from Florida the Bahamas, for MEDVAC flights. Stay tuned with us and get the latest news on this homepage. We are soon getting a 4th KODIAK. 

Our WACO on floats is as well unique and the only open cockpit with floats. If you want the ulimatee expirience, this is your plane! 

We have the experience and passion to operte seaplanes. 




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