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Welcome to g-unlimited

We deliver worldwide training, operational support and flight testing in the Professional Aviation industry for all aircraft types and projects. You have your own aircraft or need a special training or need a Flight Test team for a special STC or project, we have the solution for you with the right team. Our motto: POSSUMUS. 

We are working with different partners and companies worldwide and offer: 

  • Any EASA or FAA instruction and examination, especially for Turboprops like the KODIAK/PC6/Caravan (LAND & SEA), PC12 and TBM series, Embraer Phenom 100/300, Embraer Preator, Gulfstream 500/550/600/650/700 and all Bombardier Global 5-8000. Additionaly we offer any support on Seaplane and Vintage project. We are partner with AVILU, AeronautX and Florida Seaplanes. We are also spezialized for St Stephan / Gstaad and La Mole. 
  • With our Flight Test team, Aeroset Technology GmbH -  https://aeroset.org - , we can support any project from small to big at any location in the world and regulation. We are a member of SETP.org - The Society of Experimental Test Pilots. Our partners are AXIS Flight Simulation, CAE, EASA, Test Pilot Inc. and others.
  • We provide more than 40 aircraft under NCO (Non-Commercial other than Complex), NCC (Non-Commercial Complex) and a Swiss, Austrian, San Marino, South African or US Commercial Air Certificate. Our partner is AXIS Aviation: https://www.axis-aviation.com
  • New: We partner with: https://swissprivata.ch/green/ and compensate all our activities with a projects in Costa Rica. The project has been assessed and approved by Azzera. Pls see: https://papagayohills.com.
  • New: We are partnering with KINGMAKERS in the US, UK and Switzerland. https://kingmakerscigars.com. Yuu will soon be smoking our cigar line on GROUND or in the AIR. 

Through our global network, listening to crews, innovative methodologies, practical and fun training and with our own Instructors/Examiners/Testpilots, we deliver the highest quality.

Cédric  "Pop" Gitchenko, CEO



g-unlimited GmbH | Cédric Gitchenko | Sonnhaldenstrasse 7 | CH-8413 Neftenbach | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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