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Welcome to g-unlimited

We provide unique and boutique aircraft management, training experience in the professional Aviation industry for all Business Jets, Turboprops and Helicopters incl. MEDVAC or Seaplane operation and as well Flight Testing (Reverse Engineering, MCF, TP II). Whether you have an aircraft to manage and operate, fly, test or ferry, want to setup a special operation or need special training or experienced pilots, we have the solution and the right team. We can do everything in aviation! We are not the biggest operation and will never be, but we listen to you and talk to our partners carefully. 

On the 9th of March 2023 we had the first life mission in Santarem, Brazil. After 5 years we managed to start with 2 KODIAKs.. What a great sucess! 


We are working on different other projects making history in Aviation! 

  • New: We are partnering with KINGMAKERS in Miami. Soon you will see our new products in CH: KINGMAKERS.CH
  • g-unlimited is a proud co-ower of: https://swissprivata.ch/green/ Get your NFT in Costa Rica. 
  • With operating 17 aircraft under NCO (Non-Commercial other than Complex), NCC (Non-Commercial Complex) and a Swiss and Austrian AOC. Our partner is Boutique Aviation: https://www.axis-aviation.com. We will add a San Marino and Dubai in 2023 and a US Part 135 Operation in 2024. 
  • g-unlimited is partner with AVILU, AeronautX and Florida Seaplanes. We can provide approved Technical Pilot and / or Testpilots on all major business and general aviation airplanes. We are now a member of SETP.org - The Society of Experimental Test Pilots. 

Through our global network, listening to crews, innovative methodologies, practical and fun training and with our own Instructors/Examiners/Testpilots, we deliver the highest quality.

Cedric Gitchenko, CEO


g-unlimited GmbH | Cédric Gitchenko | Sonnhaldenstrasse 7 | CH-8413 Neftenbach | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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