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Welcome to g-unlimited

We provide an unique and boutique worldwide training and testing experience in the Aviation industry including all Single Engine, Multiengine, Turboprop, Business Jets and the Seaplane and Flight Testing industry. Wether you have your own aircraft or need one or a simulator, we have the solution and the right team for the right license and country. We can do everything in aviation! We are not the biggest operation and will never be, but we listen to you and talk to our partners carefully. We have an unlimited solution for you! 

We are working with different partners and companies worldwide and offer: 

  • We offer FI/IRI/TRI and Senior FE/FIE/IRE/TRE for the following training and checks in the Aircraft and/or Simulator: SEP (LAND & SEA), MEP, Cessna SET (LAND & SEA), KODIAK (LAND & SEA), PC6 (LAND & SEA), PC7, PC12 NG and NGX, Phenom 100/300, G5/G450/G550, G650/G650ER and Global 5000 - 6500 incl. XRS and FAA CFI/CFII/MEI incl. Flight Reviews. FAA checkrides can be arranged. 
  • We co-operate with more than 30 aircraft under NCO (Non-Commercial other than Complex), NCC (Non-Commercial Complex) and a Swiss, Austrian and San Marino AOC. Our partner is AXIS Aviation: https://www.axis-aviation.com
  • We have our own airplane (vintage) fleet and appartments wordwide to work independ and garantee an unlimted expirience. Presently in Switzerland, Austria, USA and in the Bahamas. 
  • We are partner with AVILU, AeronautX and Florida Seaplanes. We can provide approved Technical Pilot and / or Testpilots on all major business and general aviation airplanes. We are now a member of SETP.org - The Society of Experimental Test Pilots. 
  • New: We partner with: https://swissprivata.ch/green/ and are CO2 neutral with real projects in Costa Rica with (TEAK) NFTs. The Project has been assessed and approved by Azzera. Azzara assesses CO2 Projects for the Airline, airplane and travel industry.
  • New: We are partnering with KINGMAKERS in the US, UK and Switzerland. https://kingmakerscigars.com

Through our global network, listening to crews, innovative methodologies, practical and fun training and with our own Instructors/Examiners/Testpilots, we deliver the highest quality.

Cedric Gitchenko, CEO


g-unlimited GmbH | Cédric Gitchenko | Sonnhaldenstrasse 7 | CH-8413 Neftenbach | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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