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In cooperation with our partners Crewsolution and Xclusive Skygroup we would like to address the market needs for efficient and reliable crew and airservice support! Here, you will find important services like online fuel support, crewing, visa and travel from one single source. This saves you time, personnel and costs! We believe flexibility is key! That's why our partners Crewsolution and Xclusive Skygroup are also there for you outside of regular business hours. More than 20 years of experience in the aviation industry, their network and their partners enable them to support you in the best possible way!



Fuel is one of the largest variable cost factors of any flight operation. With this in mind, aircraft management companies and their crew members must be able to take control by receiving the lowest fuel prices despite any market fluctuations. We would like to help you lower your fuel costs and to ensure maximized profits within your department the easiest way! Take a look at our JETXFUEL tool, you can manage your fueling needs online and have access to: Online fuel management tool for comparing and ordering fuel! Worldwide fuel prices at more than 7000 locations 24/7 operational assistance Customized direct fuel pricing Saving programs.

Crew fuel management tool also available for iPhone, iPad and Android
Our fuel engine searches a comprehensive list, which compares your fuel suppliers with ours and you only have to choose the lowest available price at each location. Prices are real time and are updated and corrected accordingly!
>> Register with us, to be able to use our tool on your next fuel uplift!

Crew request // Freelance

CrewService002Are you looking for a freelance or permanent position as a pilot or flight attendant? Or as a company, these pilots and flight attendants to support your team?
By registering with Crewsolution easily and free of charge, you will receive positions as a freelance or permanent crew member for your qualification as a pilot or flight attendant.
As a company, you can easily request qualified crews for freelance flights or permanent positions by entering your request on our website.

>>With a pool of more than 5000 registered crew members, we can quickly find the right employee for you.

Loss of Licence insurance (LOL)

CrewService003The loss of the pilot license represents the inevitable end of a pilot career and with it the end of the income from aviation. Unfortunately, a classic disability insurance does not come into force, as most of the risks that could cause the loss of license, are not covered by the insurance. For example, a too high intraocular pressure, does not constitute an occupational disability for the classic BU insurance, but with this diagnosis the pilot loses his license and is unfit to fly. In exactly this case, so-called flight disability insurance, or Loss of License (LOL) insurance, comes into force. There are very few providers, including our partner Crewsolution, who cover the loss of license.

Different modules can be selected:
Permanent Total Disability (PTD) from bodily harm or illness is covered by our LOL Temporary Total Disability (TTD) - A disability caused by personal injury or illness can be added as an insurance extension if desired. Here, the insured person is paid 2% of the sum insured as a monthly payment for a period of 24 months. Mental health modules - applies to permanent or temporary complete disability due mental illnesses and classified mental illnesses and can also be added as an insurance extension upon request.

>> Just apply for your customized Loss of Licence quotation!


CrewService005You need a visa or one of your current visa is about to expire? With us you can receive your new visa quickly and easily! Whether Russia (valid for up to 5 years), India, China, Schengen, and much more, we will organize your new crew or business visa in the shortest application time.
Do you only need an invitation letter?

>> Please let us know if we can assist you!

Travel - Airline Ticketing-Hotel-Rental car

CrewService006Whether you are travelling to and from the world’s busiest destinations or on a remote and little travelled route - our service is here for you 24/7, to offer you the best possible prices and connections. Wherever you’re heading, whether you’re travelling alone or in a party, we’ll take care of everything!

We support your journey with:

  • Finding the best value for your money– by price or schedule
  • Comparing reduced tickets, hotel rooms or rental cars
  • Being flexible with your booking – we arrange your changes, delays or cancellations
  • Using any airline/hotel reward programs.

>> We look forward to assisting you on your next trip!


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